5 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Indoor Cat

Keeping an indoor cat means they won’t be venturing outside on their own. While that’s a relief for pet owners, it does mean you will need to take on the responsibility of keeping your cat happy and healthy – just from the comfort of your home.
Unfortunately, there are many people who think that cats don’t need much stimulation or attention if they are stuck inside all day. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. When these cats aren’t given enough stimulation and attention, they can develop behavioral problems.
It doesn’t matter how much you love your cat; anyone can make mistakes when it comes to taking care of them. In this blog post, we will go over some common mistakes that indoor cat owners make and offer advice on how you can avoid them – so you and your cat can continue thriving together.

Not giving them any outdoor time.

When your cat isn’t getting any time outside, it can have a negative impact on their health. Cats are naturally curious and active animals who need to be able to explore their surroundings. If you don’t give them enough opportunities to do so, they may become bored or stressed—or even develop behavior problems that stem from boredom (like scratching furniture). This is especially true if you live in an apartment building where there isn’t much room for exploration beyond what’s already present inside your home.

Not only will this situation make your cat unhappy (and possibly injure itself), but it’ll also make him more likely to become overweight as well as sick with fleas and worms!

Feeding your indoor cat dry food only.

There are a few reasons to feed your indoor cat wet food instead of dry. First, cats need a variety of foods to keep them healthy and happy, which is why it’s important to give them the right amount of nutrients—you don’t want one thing missing from the mix or another being too high in calories. Second, cats can get bored with their diets quickly if they’re fed only dry treats; this leads to overeating or obesity which can lead to serious health problems down the road (see: diabetes). Thirdly, feeding your cat a diet consisting solely in canned or semi-canned foods may be harmful over time since these types aren’t as easily digested by felines who have evolved alongside humans and thus require more complex enzymes present within fresh meats versus processed ones found within cans/bags/etcetera.”

Not giving them enough attention.

Cats are social animals and need to be loved. They have a very strong personality, but they also need attention. They will show you that they love you by purring, rubbing against your legs and other parts of their body, rubbing against your arms or hands when you’re holding them—and if there is food involved (which there usually isn’t), cats will beg for it!

Cats also like being played with and having fun games played with them like hide-and-seek or tug of war with toys made specifically for this purpose. You can even teach your cat some tricks such as sitting on command so that he/she can sit beside you while eating dinner together; another great way would be teaching him/her how to jump onto your lap when called upon by saying “come here boy!”

Not taking care of their coat.

A cat’s coat is not just for show. It’s also a big part of their health and happiness.

Brushing your cat’s coat regularly will keep it from becoming matted, which can lead to problems such as hairballs (or “hair balls”) and skin infections. Brushing is also good for their teeth because it removes plaque buildup, which makes them more comfortable between visits to the vet. Plus, brushing gives you an opportunity to bond with your pet before bedtime!

Not giving them mental stimulation.

There are many ways to give your cat mental stimulation. For example, play with them and let them run around the house (this is one of our favorite things to do). You could also give them toys or let them watch birds through the window. If you have time for it, let them watch TV or even try watching yourself on Twitch!

If there’s no other way for your cat to get his mental stimulation then we recommend visiting as many local cats as possible so that he can observe how they carry themselves in public spaces. This will help him learn how other cats act when they go out in public places like parks and cafes – which will teach him valuable lessons about life outside of your home

Cats need to be loved too

Cats are social animals. They need attention and affection, just like humans do. If you don’t give your cat the proper love it needs, then it might decide to find another home where it will get more of what it desires: love!

Your cat may seem like a serial killer when you first bring one home—but before long, they’ll be purring on your lap all day long (or whatever else is comfortable) because they know how much affection means to them.

If you want an indoor cat who has never been outside before in their life then make sure that once per week at least 2 hours are spent indoors with me; otherwise I’ll start making my way onto countertops and knocking things over as I go from room-to-room looking for treats!


The bottom line is that cats need you to love them, too. They can’t do it all on their own and they deserve your full attention. So next time you feel like making one of these mistakes with your cat, remember this article and try out a good change! You might also find it helpful to check out other articles on pet care here at The Pet Collective

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