My Ultimate Guide to Talking to Your Cat: What You Should Know

My Ultimate Guide to Talking to Your Cat: What You Should Know

How to Talk to Your Cat For Cat Lovers Everywhere

Come here Todd…Come here buddy….Todd…

Communicating with your feline friend can be fascinating while other times can be simply frustrating. Cats can be friendly, entertaining as well as stubborn or even mean. Sounds like some people you know right? Cats are indeed much like people. Establishing a long, enduring relationship with your cat is much the same as establishing a long, enduring relationship and meaningful relationship with people. Communication is required. Communication with your cat does not require special skills or expertise. You definitely do not have to be a rocket scientist, magician, or even a noble prize winner. I talk to my cat all of the time. (And yes, I am a normal human being) Communicating with your feline friend, does require caring, consideration, observation, and a bit of patience too. Here are five essential ways to communicate with your cat. Once you have these techniques down, you will know when your cat is content, frustrated or in love. Furthermore, you will quickly learn when your hearty feline wants extra space or their favourite treat.

1. Heart to Heart

Communicate with your feline friend with love from the heart. It is extremely important that your cat realizes that you are there for him or her. Cats are very smart and perceptive animals. They will know if you are truly interested in them. Everyday when I come home from a busy day at the office, I will give my cat gentle rubs and say “Hey Todd!” If you come home from a busy day at work and ignore your cat, he or she will feel ignored and unaccepted. Take time out of your busy day to spend time with your cat. Watch your favourite television show or sports program, while he or she is sitting next to you and you will notice your cat “Purring with love”. Cats are also very emotionally. If they do not feel loved, you will notice your cat moping around hours at a time.

2. Eye to Eye

If you truly want a cat that will definitely know your love for him or her is genuine, “Eye to Eye” is especially essential. When communicating with your cat, look at your feline friend in the their eyes when saying, “It is time for dinner” or “Use the litter box and please, and not on my expensive carpet.” Tone is also very important when communicating with your cat. Make sure you are displaying love with gentle, soft words. If your feline friend does not pay attention the first time, be persistent, because they will learn, especially when calling their name at the same time. Furthermore, if your cat does something you do not approve of, look at your cat in the eye and let him or her know that you do not like what they have done. You do not have to scream, just be straightforward with your feline friend. As I mentioned earlier, cats are very smart, perceptive as well as emotional. Talking to your cat, “Eye to Eye”, will let your feline friend know that your love is pure.

3. Touch to Touch

Cats loved to be touched. Hold them and rub them behind his or her ears (one of their favourite spots) while talking to your cat and you will have your cat very much in love with you. In time, your feline friend will come to you, wanting that special attention by walking next to you and rubbing their body on your leg if sitting down or by laying next to you. And as a result, your feline friend will purr with love. Other things you might want to try that cats love are; Shaking their hands, rubbing the top of his or head, rubbing their back, and even scratching his or her belly. Sometimes at night, my cat will jump up on the bed and lay next to me, while I am sleeping, and when I wake up in the morning, I will say, “Hey Todd, I see you wanted to keep me company! ”

4. Talk to Talk with “Temptations”

If you want to communicate with your feline friend and let him or her know that they are loved, I recommend buying the cat treat “Temptations”, which comes in all types of flavours. Give these treats as rewards for your cat for doing something you approve of or simply as a little snack when they are hungry during the day. One shake of the little small pouch and your feline friend will come running out to you, no matter what he or she is doing. With the temptation pouch in my hand, I tell my cat, “Todd, sit up on the chair and come get some of your favourite treats.” He will jump up and lay, while enjoying his favourite treats. Afterwards, I rub him and tell him how good he has been. Cats simply enjoy Temptations.

5. Honesty to Honesty

Always be honest with your feline friend. If you are having a bad day, let your cat know by holding him or her closely and telling them what is on your mind. If I have a bad day, I will pick my cat up and communicate with my feline friend and tell him, “What a long day at work Todd!” I will then rub him, which cheers me up because of his purring to let me know that he cares. Sometimes cats like to be alone and relax as well. Therefore, when you see your feline friend relaxing and laying down, simply let him or enjoy their time. You can even walk by and say, “I know you want your space!” As with people, honesty is also very important with your feline friend. Always let your cat know if he or she is doing something that you appreciate as well as something you do not approve of. But, remember, like us, cats are not perfect either.

Communicating with your feline friend that you love dearly is enjoyable as well as relaxing. For children, cats can be their best friends. I have had Todd since my high school days and he is apart of my life very much. He is my best friend. We have a loving, enduring relationship, that has helped me very much throughout the years. These essential tips can help you to have a loving, enduring relationship with your feline friend that will last for a lifetime.

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